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‘There is Exorbitant Increase in Basic Prices’ Hon Bakary Camara


By Almamo Kamaso
Relying on section 51 (1) and 51 (2) of the Standing Orders of the National Assembly Hon Bakary Camara of Kiang Central made a statement on the current prices of basic commodities and other essential goods under what is called Matters of the Day. His statement was followed by a lot of contributions from the floor of the chambers raising concern about the high rocketing prices of basic and essential communities.
Hon Camara expressed his deepest concern on the exorbitant increase of prices of basic commodities such as rice, sugar, cooking oil, as well as building material such as cement in the market. Camara regards the up surge of the prices as unjustifiable and called it unacceptable.
Hon Camara asked what government is doing about these unjustifiable high rocketing prices of basic and essential commodities. He called and enquired what visible steps the government is doing or have done to save her citizens from such treble high rocketing prices peddled by what he called selfish few.
There is serious outcry from poor majority of our population and again the government of the day seems to be very insensitive to the plight of Gambians welfare and wellbeing. Hon Camara told the members of the National Assembly, that improving the living standards of all citizens and none citizens resident in the Gambia and creating a favorable environment for private sectors to thrive is one of the reform policies of the Government‘s 2021 Budget that members approved. This, Camara said Government must desist from any attempt to drag their efforts.
The UDP lawmaker said it is evident that certain businessmen in the country are involved in the act of hoarding basic essentials. He said its illegal and the government which is the implementing and enforcing body of the laws of our land against callous malpractices , must do all efforts to a position against such unlawful act by bring the perpetrators to book immediately. It is clear that the 2021 Budget does not reflect any tax increment of the said commodities that could have attributed to the current price hike as it in our markets across the country.
The law maker demands that without delay, the ministry of Trade, Employment and Regional Integration must take practical steps to engage the business community and relevant stakeholders in the business sector with a view of identifying the factors responsible for this unapologetic price increase that is causing so much economic burden on our people.