Sunday, November 29, 2020
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Tourism is October Whiles Schools Remain Closed

Next month our borders will be open to the international community in the height of the Coronavirus pandemic around the globe. The government of the Gambia declared that come October 2020 tourism will resume; whiles our schools remain, closed and our markets too remained closed whiles the curfew is still in place. Is this really a good decision by the government?

How can we have the State of Public Emergency in force, and also most of the regulations in place and yet open our boarders to the international community.  How can we have tourist freely move about and yet have our schools closed depriving our future generations from education.

The country has almost lost a whole academic year; but yet the government can allow tourists to come from all parts of the world; but refused to put in place what it takes for our children to go to school.

Yes the resumption of tourism is not a bad idea but it should be weighed against some other things such as the education of our future generations. How can the government lock up her citizens and open its doors to outsiders in the name monetary benefits?

If the decision of resuming tourism which means opening our boarders to the international community is to make any sense to the people of the Gambia; government must take all it means to consider opening our schools as the children who are supposed to be the leaders of the land tomorrow have lost almost a whole school year.

If the decision of allowing tourist to come from all the parts of the globe is to make any sense to the citizens, then the government of the day must put in place all it take to allow our markets to open. Tourism goes with certain basic things such as tourist going around to see things and to buy things of their choice; so how can tourist come and yet our markets are close to them?

The decision of opening our boarders to the world in the name of tourism will be an act of betrayal to the citizens of the Gambia , if our schools remain closed after a loss of almost a whole academic year.  Equally it will be a big injustice if our markets remained close and curfew remains in place.

Government must reconsider her decisions of resumption of tourism next month if the State of Public Emergency remains and more particularly some of the regulations such as the closure of markets and schools.



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