Thursday, December 2, 2021



“Minister of Tourism Hon Hamat Bah’s utterances at the State House,  in a so-called meeting with some ethnic personals of the Gambia is the least expected from a cabinet minister and the utterances tantamount to inciting tribal cracks between different  decent Gambian tribes” Hon Madi MK.Ceesay.

Reacting to the statement, Hon Ceesay said the statement is reckless and very irresponsible of a state minister. This is the least expected from a senior member of a cabinet and a political party leader for more than three decades.

The most unfortunate thing about Minister Bah’s utterances, is that the statement was made when the President of the republic was sitting; and all he could do is to laugh and clap at such an uncalled for statement, capable of inciting serious tribal differences.

Hon Ceesay said,  no one single tribe can make a political aspirant win elections in the Gambia as no single tribe has an absolute majority in Gambia. Any politician thinking along these lines must be very myopic.

“It is absolutely very myopic for the Minister Bah  to called on one tribe to vote for President Barrow in the 2021 presidential elections if they want to get there freedom” Hon Ceesay told the Daily News.

If President Barrow cannot respite the Fullas as Bah alluded to as President of the republic for the past four years, where on earth is the guarantee that he can do it in the next five years shall he win? This revealed that Bah and his master (President Barrow) has woefully fail his tribe, and by extension the nation   and will continue to fail them, should they vote him again.

Hon Ceesay said, Minister Bah’s accusation of the immigration officers for being  responsible of bullying certain members of our society on tribal lines, simply because of their light skins, is baseless and should be ashamed of himself and his government, for saying so.

As a government, Ceesay said why can’t they come up with policies to take care of such accusation if they were really true? Who else will do that for him and his master (Barrow) as they are the ones in government? Are they telling Gambians that, they are no-longer in charge?

To conclude, Hon Ceesay reminded the honorable Minister, that calling other politician rats only displays immaturity and pettiness. What the honorable Minister should address is issues that are pertinent to national development,  rather than peddling tribal inharmoniousness.

“It is a disgrace that both Bah and his master (Barrow) are still using the State House grounds for their partisan political purposes at the expense of the tax payers” Ceesay said

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