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Tribalism Should Be Tackled by Serious Politicians

It is very disappointing that tribalism is openly peddled at all levels and many a time certain people will only see the social media as the major peddlers of tribalism.
Yes this paper agrees that the social platform is one platform used very frequently to pedal tribalism and in some cases even insults. This is very disappointing and insults of all natures and even tribal insults and tribalism must not be condone. This is an act that deserved all condemnations, and should not be condone by anybody.
Unfortunately tribalism is peddled by the highest position in the Gambia, and that is no other position and person other than the presidency and president Adama Barrow.
The President has being inviting groups of tribal sects and giving each tribal sect a message different from the messages given to another tribe. It was first a meeting with the Fulani grouping where most speakers indicated that President Adama Barrow is a Fulani and that he should support the Fulani groups. All these have happen at the State House in present of President Barrow. Who then is the Chief peddler of tribalism?
Then come another tribe invited in to the State House to trade on tribal sentiments, the Sarahulers. This is very disappointing as the man at the head of such was the President himself , who should have set good examples. Again at this meeting at the State House was the president who associated himself to the Srahuler tribe. What is the president doing here, other than peddling tribalism and tribal sentiments?
Another tribal group that President Barrow invited to the State House was the Manjago tribe, and last but not the least the serer tribe were also invited. The Wolof and the Mandinkas are yet to be invited to State House. This paper hope that these two tribes are not invited to State House to peddle tribalism.
Who is then the lead peddler of tribalism here, if not President Barrow? Why could a whole President bring himself down to a level of trending on tribal lines? This is very disappointing of President Barrow. One would have thought that, Barrow if he has any information to share with the electorates could have just organize a political rally and send his messages.
Calling one tribe after the other is pure tribalism and must stop. President Barrow should lead by good examples and be followed by others by virtue of his position.

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