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Tribute to Hon Fakebba Colley

Fellow country men and women we have come to bury Hon Fakebba , and not to praise him. The evil that men do live after them and the good is interred with their bones. Great be to honorable Colley Gimaray!!!!!!!

Hon Fakebba was a freedom fighter from cradle to the grave. There was no single moment in his life where he condones injustices. He was indeed a true patriot who had his country at heart and fought for fundamental rights for all. He was true humanists who always share anything little that comes to his way.

He was a true comrade in the struggle, when I was nominated into the executive of United Democratic Party he inspired me a lot and shown me how they were able to build up the youth wing.

Hon Fakebba slept in every nook and cranny of this country to spread words of democratic values.

He stood up against a brutal regime of former president Jammeh. Hon Fakebba was incarcerated for demanding the body of his comrade Solo Sandeng who went with him on an electoral reforms peaceful demonstration.

Since he left prison he was not with himself but still managed to serve his constituency and the nation at large. He served to his last breath. But no doubt his wife and son boy boy will attest to that.

Hon Fakebba you are immortal because of your deeds if I can sing for I will, but “dinkendo dokula balafamo alama la kira deyalala”. We all remembered how you held the hand of the party leader and your colleagues on that fateful day.

Fakebba was not a coward, as cowards died many times before their death.
Yes death is real but yours is untimely. We want to finish the journey of hope with you but death a necessary end will come when it must.

You served through your pen. You were a teacher of all who never spare his pen to impart knowledge into young ones. Karamoko you left an indelible mark on this earth. Your former students would remember how you use to play chalk on the board.

Honorable indeed you were honorable in your parliamentary services.
My fellow country men and women Hon Fakebba died with a will. With your permission I can show it to you. Here is it to nurture and promote good governance. To bring development to the door step of every Gambians.

The government he fought for it’s establishment didn’t give him chance to be treated from prison. He is a sacrificial lamb. We most glorified our people before death. Fakebba was not given much attention as a parliamentarian.

Who is next it could be anybody. We must make a decision to salvage this country health wise. That is another will he died poor health services. Honorable was struggling to get gas for asthmatics patient.

Honorable you were helpless on your death bed murmuring words of freedom.
Freedom Gambia must be freed at last.
I vowed the mission must be accomplished Fakebba be reassured that we will not relent in for better Gambia.
Ba Ousainou we will mourn with you but never give up. We celebrate with your fallen heroes and sheroes in the day of resurrection.
So is life death is a transition.
My fellow country men and women today is honorable Colley who will be next helpless victim.
Hon Colley rest in peace.
By Hon Saho

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