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Lamin Ndembu Dibba was born in Salikenni village, Central Baddibou constituency, North Bank Region. He was a great grandson of Karim Dibba who was a descendant of great Walimang Dibba.

Lamin started his primary education at a post-colonial school in Salikenni. The Dibba clan were the head of traditional leadership. The Alkalolu and chiefs were chosen from these great founders of Salikenni.

To push his pen to a higher level Lamin went to Ghana where he learnt a lot from  Nkrumah or Osagyfo. He also had an opportunity to do his masters in England.

Lamin was born as a politician and spent his youthful days working as a community servant. He worked in the length and breadth of this country. However working with community did not stop him to express his political right and critic to PPP government. His political ideologies at the time were completely different from President Jawara. He was supporting National Convention Party under Sheriff Mustapha Dibba.

According to a reliable source that Lamin used to fuel their campaign vehicles upon arriving in Basse in those days, but that is not strange as you can see family connections to S.M Dibba

He became a full time politician when the military junta took over power in 1994. Dibba  was among those noble men and women who put down all their political differences and formed United Democratic Party in salvaging the country from pangs of economic bandits.

His eloquence and braveness was marvel by even those in the graves when he took the podium. He became symbolic in central Baddibou after the demise of Hon. Abu karamba kassama. Abu also deserved to be mentioned in this piece.

He came as a unifier, Salikenni in particular and Central Baddibou at large. He was appreciative and accommodative. When he died in a fatal car accident, a by election was organized as required by electoral laws. Hon. Lamin Dibba contested under UDP ticket against Sekou Satou Saho of APRC .

That by election was the toughest in the history of Baddibou. With the incumbency, a mass wealth of APRC and with the influence of Dr. Lamin Saho who one time served as a parliamentarian and a Minister under PPP regime.

Dr. achieved significant development in central Baddibou. Hon. Lamin Dibba still emerged victorious. He was the choice of the people and completed the remaining term of Abu karamba Kassama. His roles in parliament couldn’t be underscored. When he speaks in the gallery people of central Baddibou feels it.

Lamin was a source of inspirations and a man of impeccable character.

His family relationship is unquestionably. One bereaved family member was weeping and crying. When approached to stop crying he said the family lost an asset. But this is the truth nothing else but the whole truth. Tamba kunda and Salikenni lost a true son and will be evered remembered.

Lamin was an icon. His honesty and dedication to national development would not be questioned.

If tears and wealth can bring him back I know Gash chapter and family will do so but a death necessary end will when it must.

But let me make it clear the vision and mission of Lamin Dibba Ndembu will continue.

Comrade and great grandpa rest in peace. We will joined you in heaven to celebrate our course to salvage our motherland.

Long live the struggle the Oliver Tamba of Baddibou Salikenni.

By Hon Sulayman Saho

Central Baddibu




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