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Triple D Foundation Holds Interfaith & Intercultural Dialogue with Media

By Ndellah Jeng

The Triple D Foundation, a registered charitable organization working in The Gambia in collaboration with the foundation of intercultural and interreligious dialogue initiative (FIIDI) last week organized a day media outreach on interfaith and intercultural dialogue. The event took place at the National Nutrition Agency.

Speaking at the event, Dr Lawrence Owoyemi, Director of Triple D foundation, express delight for intercultural and interrelation dialogue initiative in Sierra Leone and their volunteer fund development and communication team in Canada and Triple foundation to the people of our beloved nation, The Gambia.

He said 22nd August 2019, the world celebrated the first international day commemorating the victims of Acts of violence based on Religious or belief.

He added that therefore the event is aimed at complimenting the effort many organization and individuals like (FIIDI) who continue to contribute effort to mitigate ( and one day end)

“Religious violence in our communities around the world. The path to promoting religious tolerance in our communities is not and easy one but with commitment and perseverance we see hope in bringing communities together to live in dignity and in dialogue” he said

He further stated that “freedom of religious or belief, freedom of opinion and expression, the right to peaceful assembly, and the right to freedom of association are interdependent, interrelated, and mutually reinforcing” he said

He said these right are enshrined in article 18,19 and 20 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. “Uploading there right plays an important role in the fight against all forms of intolerance and of discrimination based on religious or belief”

Moreover he said The Gambia constitution also prohibit any discrimination based on religious. Chapter IV, section 34 outline people of the Gambia for this great achievement.

He concluded in saying this plan of Action, religious leaders and actors committed, among other actions, to respect and promote human rights.

“incitement has preceded and accompanied violence and atrocity crimes in countries affected by conflict and violent extremism,as well as in countries considered to be relatively peaceful. The target of incitement have included communities defined by their religious and ethnic identity or political affiliation, as well as women” he said

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