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TV’s Out and About Program Got it Wrong

The QTV’s out and about television program in their last edition got it wrong and need to correct their wrong doing soon as possible. The media is supposed to give accurate and balance information to the public and not the other way round. What was on air looks like not a properly researched question; because we know that the tractors given are not bought by President Barrow but rather it is a gift from the Japanese government?
In the program the lady who was on the street randomly picking on the people and pose two questions in an effort to create awareness and encourage people especially the young ones to get their voters cards is a laudable efforts but the aspect of the tractors is misleading.
She will ask the IEC is currently conducting a general voter registration, do you have one if yes what are the importance of a voters card? That a very patriotic thing to do, and interestingly all the respondents answer in the positive. The respondents will say our voters cards are our voices, without it one do not have a say in who should govern you., and each one of them will encourage citizens to go for one.
A few none Gambians admit that they are not Gambians and that they do not have one but will encourage Gambians to go get one.
However where the program got it wrong and needs correction is where the lady will ask, President Adama Barrw recently bought tractors and give to farmers, what’s you take on that? That is wrong and misleading, because President Barrow did not buy any tractor and give to our farming communities.
The program if they are to do justice to their listeners should correct that question. The media should stop giving cheap popularity our politicians. How can a whole media house give such misleading information to its audiences?
The tractors President Barrow launched and handed over to the ministry of Agriculture recently are not bought by him. These tractors are proceeds of Japanese rice given to the people of the Gambia.
The Gambia government and the donors agreed that the Government sell the rice and the proceeds be converted into tractors for our farming communities. The QTv out and about is saying that President Barrow bought the tractors are gave it to farmers, that is not correct as President Barrow did not buy any tractors for the Gambian farmers.

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