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UDP Begins 21 Days Nation-Wide Tour

By Almamo Kamaso

The Leader and Secretary General , Abubacar NM Darboe , of one of the biggest political party, The United Democratic Party (UDP) heads a high powered delegation of the party to tour the entire country within three weeks. The delegation began its tour in Berending where the first meeting and night stop was held Monday the 4th October 2012.
The UDP leader was received at the Barra Terminal by Hon Mahtarr Jeng of Lower Nuime, with thousands of party militants and lead the jubilant militant through Barra , Essau , Buniadou and Berending.
At the rally, Darboe commended supporters for coming out in full force and urge them to continue the momentum to the 4th of December 2021. “It is only by doing so we can defeat who ever contest against us and became victorious” Darboe said.
UDP leader applauded the people of the area for their hard work; both on the land and in the mosques. He said such hard work cannot earn them nothing meaningful if we do not have proper agriculture polices in place. Darboe told the crowd that such polices are only possible with a UDP government.
Lawyer Darboe told the militants that a mere handing over of Ambulances to people is not the solution to our health problems. He called for hospitals to have medicines and qualify people to be able to attend to the sick on arrivals at hospitals. Among other area Lawyer Darboe touches on is education. He said for governments to spend into skill trainings is the wayward so that the youth can rely on themselves for employments and sustenance.
The veteran politician, inform his audiences that , since 1996 the UDP was prepared and face the brutal dictator which cost them lives and unfair imprisonment, coupled with beatings of all kinds; but the party never retreated. Darboe said the strengths of the UDP is the love for the country.
Darboe concluded by applauding the likes of Ajaratou Fatou Cham who was the first women in the whole of NBR to suffered arrest in 1997 just for liking UDP. He also commended people from Mayamba who cross from NPP to the UDP .
Musa Sonko formerly of NRP has also finally come home at this meeting.
The tours continuous to Lower Baddibu and they will have a night stop in Kerewan today.

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