Thursday, November 26, 2020
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By Almamo Kamaso

“President Barrow got it all wrong when he said in an interview with Eye Africa that UDP is the biggest opposition party” Hon Madi M.KCeesay. Ceesay continued to say, you can see the contradiction in the said interview when Barrow also said looking at the elective positions in the country majority are occupied by the UDP.

Hon Ceesay was reacting to some of the pointed President Barrow talked about. Which government is the UDP opposed to? The UDP are the leaders in seven of the eight administrative regions, either as A Chairperson of mayor, the UDP is also leading having 31 elected members of the National Assembly in 31 out of 53 constituencies, so how can we be an position party?

What Barrow could have said is , that the  UDP is the biggest political party; but the UDP is not an opposition party. Least he forgets we have a coalition government even though the Coalition has either fallen or on the verge of falling, but the UDP was part of the government.

Commenting on Barrow saying that he could go into coalition with the UDP, he must have being day dreaming.  No serious political party will go into a coalition with Barrow seeing what he has done to all the parties that formed the coalition in 2016.

“The records of Adama Barrrow are nothing but full of betrayals, which serious political party will go into alliance with him? None because his attitude of not keeping promises is clearly manifested during these four year”, Ceesay said

“Go and paddle your own canoe in the wild waters,  come 2021 and you will be taught a lesion will never forget” Concluded Ceesay

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