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UDP will Prevail Over NPP as Barrow has no Solid Base

By Fatou Dahaba
In an exclusive one on one interview at his Sukuta residence Thursday 18 February 2021, veteran politicians and diplomat, Hon Kemeseng Jammeh told the Daily News that the United Democratic Party (UDP) will prevail over the National People’s Party (NPP) come December 2021 presidential elections.
Jammeh described Barrow greedy for power, and backed his argument by saying if he were not greedy for power he would have honored the three years agreement, and that would have made him a great man in the history of Gambian politics.
Diplomat and politician said Barrow is very greedy for power he could have been a very important person in the country but now he has destroy his future, and that of his children , if he comply with the three years that would have turn him into being a great person. President Barrow did cause a lot of damage for himself, and that he is now exposed as his failures are conspicuous.
There are all indications that he is not up to the job, he has no qualifications, no qualities neither a character to lead the country, Jammeh said circumstances has exposed Adama Barrow.
Diplomat cum politician Hon Jammeh scolded Barrow for deliberately choosing to work with former President Jammeh’s enablers and collaborators. Hon Jammeh pin pointed the Finance minister who he described as one of the principal enablers of former president Jammeh, is appointed to one of the most sensitive ministerial post.
When asked what is his take on the coming elections where it is expected that his party will take head on head with former UDP who now leads the NPP? Jammeh was quick to say the UDP will prevail over Barrow and his NPP, as the president has no solid base in the country unlike UDP, because the Kombos, LRR and NBR are all UDP strong bases and as for Barrow he has no base that’s why they are busy following the border areas trying to get foreigner votes and this indicated that they are not comfortable as far as Gambian voters are concerned.
On the issue of who pardon him and co , Jammeh emphasized that the President never pardon them he said their matter was challenged in court because they were wrongfully imprisoned. He clarify that the matter was pending in court during former President Jammeh’s time and then election came prior to Barrow’s victory.
The hearing of the case was supposed to be on the 5th of December 2016 which coincided with elections and when they were released from prison after the resumption of the case. UDP’s Jammeh said then he president Barrow was not even sworn in, he was just president elect. So it’s not true to say it was President Barrow who pardon them.

When the diplomat was Ask what can he referred to as an achievement whiles he was Ambassador in Turkey? Strengthen the bilateral relationship of the two countries. He said he can say part of his efforts included the resumption of the supply of material to the country which includes uniform for security officers which stopped for about 5 years and also it was during his tenure that direct flight from Istanbul to Banjul took off.

Kemeseng Jammeh was a teacher and serve as a qualified teacher in 1964 to 1971, he change course to executive officer Mansakonko Area Council in July 1971 where he serve for three years and later transfer to Kuntaur Area Council where he serve for two years and then to Kanifing Urban District Council (KUDC) in 1974.
The full text of the exclusive interview with Hon Kemeseng Jammeh can be read in our Wednesday 24 February 2021.

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