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Use of Government Resources in Partisan Politics is undesirable

The inflow of government officials from among cabinet ministers to presidential advisers is the order of the day in the Niamina West by-election. This is among many reasons that propel the change of government in 2016.  However the Barrow led government does not seem to have learned or respect some of these key pillars of the 2016 change.

After the demise of the GDC sitting member of the National Assembly, late Hon Demba Sowe , early this year, there exists a vacancy in the constituency he represents, leading to  a by-election at the Naimina West Constituency . Today campaigning in the said constituency is in its high gear. There are only two contestants the GDC and the presidential party NPP.

The campaign team of the NPP of President Barrow is full of cabinet ministers, presidential advisers and a number of some senior government officials; this is totally against the new order of the day and reasons of the change in 2016. The act is unlawful and very undesirable.

During the Jammeh era, excessive use of government resources was the order of the day when it comes to partisan politics. When this new government led by Adama Barrow was campaigning in 2016 for the position of President, Adama Barrow  promise Gambians that under their rule the local government authorities such as the Alikalos and district Chiefs will not take part in partisan politics as required by the law, that promise is flouted.

This promise has since been broken by no other person but President Barrow. He  openly told some district chiefs that he was the one who appoints them and that; they must take orders from him. This is very unfortunate to come from a president who campaigned against such.

Today government vehicles fueled from the coffers of the state are crisscrossing within Niamina West campaigning for President Adama Barrow, this is very unfortunate.  Governors are opening campaigning for the party established by President Adama Barrow.

The number of civil servants that are today in the Naimina west using government fuel and vehicles is unacceptable and very undesirable. Not  only are they using government resources but  the valuable time that they should have  spent on government businesses is being wasted on partisan politics.

The government of the day should have this at the back of their mind   that there will be accountability at the end of their office, just like how their predecessor was subjected to accountability.



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