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Victims Called for Strict Monitoring of the Implementation of the TRRC Recommendations

By Almamo Kamso

The Gambia Center For Victims of Human Rights Violations has urged the government to investigate marabouts and members of the Green Boys for their role in enabling former President Yahya Jammeh. It is in the best interest of the victims for government to set up a strict monitoring of the implementations of the Truth Commission’s Recommendation’s.

The demands made by the victims are contained in a detailed report shared with the Ministry of Justice, National Human Rights Commission, TRRC, UN Transitional Justice System, Amnesty International and other reputable organizations.

This was said at the Paradise Suite hotel Monday as Centre launched its reports on monitoring, documenting and reporting of human rights cases in the Gambia.

In the report, the victim center demanded that the government to conduct “a thorough and independent investigation to assess the role played by the Green boys and the traditional healers’ and as well identify them.” The center further urges the government to investigate widespread witch-hunt cases and the role played by non- State actors as enablers and perpetrators of the violations.

The delivering the launching statement , Sheriff Mohammed Kijera the Chairman of ther Victim Centre said the government should determine the total number of affected individuals per village/community targeted in the witch hunt. “Including but not limited to those who died in custody and after their release and those who are still suffering from serious health problems.

We urge the State to commission an independent expert to research on the effects of the recurrent use of (Kuberjaroh) to establish the negative health effects to victims.”

The victims said the state should commission identification of the mass grave and exhumation of bodies for families of victims to find closure for their disappeared relatives and recognise all the disappeared who died in the hands of the State and take responsibility for the loss of lives.

Kijera demanded that state should identify families of victims and support them to ensure they have means of livelihood; by providing them with free quality medical treatment, establish psychological support programs for all the trauma and stigma faced by survivors and their families and establish permanent State structures to provide long-term assistance to the victims of psychological and physical torture.

Asked what if the government fails to recognize the recommendations of the TRRC, Kebba Jome who moderated the function, told journalist that they will employ on the ministry of Justice to set up a committees to monitor the implementation of the TRRC recommendations, including the decisions on reparations to victims.
“We urge the State to hasten the implementation of the core human rights treaties, for instance by adopting national laws criminalizing human rights violations, such as torture and enforced disappearances in The Gambia,” the centre concluded.

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