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War Declared Against Mosquitos

By Ousainou J. Sawaneh PrinCE OjeE

Ministry of Health through the Malaria Control Programme in The Gambia together with the Banjul City Council on Monday launched a “FOGGING MACHINE”. The machine was secured from the Global Fund by the Ministry of Health to help reduce malaria morbidity, minimize and control mosquitos’ vector density in the Greater Banjul Area.

The event was graced by the Hon. Minister of Health, His Worship, Deputy Mayor of Banjul on behalf of Her Worship, the Mayor of Banjul, Director of Health Services, Manager- Malaria Control Programme, representatives from Ward Development Committees in Banjul, Banjul City Council Staff and the media.

The event took place at the Mccarthy Square in Banjul.

Speaking to the journalists during  the launching minister Samateh thanked management of malaria control program who conceived the idea to pump all the mosquitoes breeding areas in urban and rural areas to minimise malaria in the country.

Hon.Samateh said he instructed the officials of malaria control program to request funding  from Global fund for malaria on behalf of the health ministry.

Health minister has also thanked  Global fund for their rapid respond in purchasing this vital fogging  machine which will start operation in Banjul with the collaboration of Banjul City council.

Hon. Minister has told journalists and other ward councilors at the launching ceremony that malaria is a killer disease and it claims the lives of millions in Africa and Asia especially pregnant women, children under five and elderly therefore this machine came at  the right time to spread canals , quarters and stagnant waters which serve as a breeding ground for mosquitoes.


He concluded by thanking the lord mayor and her deputy for this close collaboration and promised from BCC to the provincial councils will all benefit from this machine.


The Deputy Mayor of Banjul City Council Omar BJ Touray also thanked the Ministry of health and it’s partners for the initiative, while assuring them his councils collaboration in the fight against Malaria.


Together we can reduce malaria in Banjul and by extension The Gambia.


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