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Welcome 2021 as we Bid Farewell to 2020

As the Daily News bids farewell to 2020, we welcome 2021 with very high hopes for a progressive year. The 2020 will be remembered for Coronavirus that has brought havoc on the lives and livelihoods of the people.

In mother land Gambia as up to January 2nd 2021, she had cases up to 3,802 all of which were confirmed, with 124 deaths confirmed. These are a very serious case and concern for the people living and even those visiting us.

For the globe, there were 83,793,959 confirmed cases, this is very frighten and had cause pandemic. The world economy was seriously affected and many economies were brought to a partial stop.  COVID-19 made the world a prison for millions of people as they were in one way or the other stranded in different parts of the world.

Away from the unforeseen pandemics, the Gambia in 2020 has seen the premature death of one of the most important pillars of our transformation stages after the fall of the Jammeh regime, which is the 2020 draft Constitution.

The National Assembly members knowing very well how  much money and resources went into the consultations and the drafting , decided to kill the Bill and others say “we throw it in the dustbin” whiles some of the members say “we dropped it in the toilet”.

If there is any serious wrongs the 2020 can be membered for, it is the act  of our elected members of the National Assembly refusing to allow the electorates of the Gambia to decide on the draft Constitution. It was a National Assembly decision and no one member can be blamed for the premature killing of the draft Constitution, rather all members will have to take the responsibility; however the 23 members who voted No are the ones to be held wholly responsible for the wastage of state resources.

The former Chairman of the Constitutional Review Commission (CRC) Justice Jallow is of the belief that the Draft is in the cool room and not dead. This is proving to be the truth; because the Government of the land under Adama Barrow has decided that the Draft should be ratable at the National Assembly for consideration once more.

The Daily News is of the opinion that; if the Draft is to come back to the Assembly for consideration again, there was no use of wasting state funds in inviting Jonathan Good Luck a former Nigerian President for mediation or facilitates the retabling.

What the Barrow administration needs to have done; is to go back to those they succeeded in manipulating their minds as indicated in the voting pattern at the National Assembly  on the faithful day,  when the Draft Constitution was killed and its demise celebrated by the Barrow camp. We pray that 2021 be a prosperous year for all mankind.  Staff and management wish to thank our esteem readers, subscribers, advertisers and our able vendors for a job well done.


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