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Home Editorial What is the fate of Stranded Gambian Women in Lebanon?

What is the fate of Stranded Gambian Women in Lebanon?

Our Gambian women are stranded at Lebanon and they are up to 36 of them including two babies and their condition is getting from bad to worst on a daily basis. Something needs to be done and soon.

A international NGO is ready to pay 27,000 USD, to buy tickets for the stranded Gambian women in Lebanon to facilitate their safe   return home but it is said that the government of the Gambia has blocked the payment of tickets for our sisters and mothers to come home safe and our government is alleged to have said they will pay for them to come home instead. This is not done up to the time of writing this editorial.

The Consulate with  consultation with the said NGO have gathered all the 36 women and two babies at one place and ready to foot the bill to get them home. If Gambia government can actually pay for these stranded women and babies why has it taken so long to do so? It is said that it took this process to go on for more than 9 months.

Now that we can’t still have our loved ones back and they are suffering day by day in a foreign land, what should our government do as its duty to her subjects?

Yes we know that government can’t pay for all the stranded citizens everywhere in the world but if there is or are interested organizations who are willing to help why block such help? In the case of the 36 women in Lebanon the government of the Gambia now should make sure they do not suffer anymore since according to sources an organization is ready to pay for their air tickets.

Reports have it that some of these women have been away for years and some of them have already lost their patents; any serious government would act swiftly go to the rescue of her citizens ; but what we are seeing is the lack of seriousness on the side of government to rescue her citizens from Lebanon.

The stranded women and the two babies must have the undistracted attention of government the soonest as their condition is getting very critical day by day. If it is found that government blocked an international NGO to pay for their air tickets resulting to more delay in their return, the foreign ministry needs an explanation to Gambians.




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