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Who is Barrow Government Fooling?

The Barrow government and his National People’s Party (NPP) had gone into marriage with the deposed APRC party under very shady clouds and unconfirmed reports indicating that Jammeh will be given amnesty when Barrow returns to the Presidency. The question is who is Barrow trying to fool? Is it the supporters of the APRC who are carried by the so-called amnesty for former President Jammeh; or family members of Jammeh.
The Barrow led government did commission the Truth Commission whose report is yet to be presented to him and his government for implementations. Barrow is warned that the TRRC reports must be treated and implement to the letter by many including victims and the United Nations.
President Barrow should stick to what the law says and he should not be tempted to fool voters pretending he can evade the TRRC recommendations, victims demand and lastly the UN recommendations.
Below is an extracts from a statement from UN, calling on the government to duly investigate and prosecute without delay few days after Barrow visited former President Jammeh’s home.

The United Nations Working Group on Enforced Disappearances supports prosecution of crimes committed during the presidency of Yahya Jammeh and a new international inquiry into the 2005 massacre of more than 50 West African migrants. The UN recommendations to duly investigate and prosecute without delay all cases of enforced disappearances are a positive sign, said 17 groups that have been campaigning for justice in The Gambia.

“The process must go beyond truth telling and perpetrators must be brought to justice,” the Working Group on Enforced or Involuntary Disappearances (WGEID) said in its report. The follow-up report presented during the recently-concluded session of the Human Rights Council is an important sign of support from the international community for accountability in The Gambia. The report underlines the importance of the work of the Truth, Reconciliation and Reparations Commission (TRRC), as well as the need to prosecute those responsible for the crimes committed under Jammeh.

The WGEID statement follows a declaration by the prosecutor of the International Criminal Court prosecutor Karim Khan has also said that “justice must happen” for Jammeh-era crimes.

“From the International Criminal Court to the United Nations, the world is speaking with one voice: there must – and there will – be justice for the crimes committed during Yahya Jammeh’s government,” said Fatoumatta Sandeng, spokesperson for the #Jammeh2Justice campaign, and daughter of the opposition leader Solo Sandeng, who was killed in custody in 2016. “Amnesty and impunity are simply not options.”

These recommendations are made public at a crucial moment, when the TRRC’s final report is expected to be issued after several delays, and the political situation in The Gambia has raised concerns that the Commission’s calls for justice could be swept under the rug.

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