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Why is Our Roads Left Un-repaired?

The Gambia use to have what is called “Road Maintenance Team” in the first republic. Then the country has what is called Public Works Department (PWD), under this department, there you have the Road Maintenance Team. This team is and they are basically responsible for maintaining our road infrastructures.

With the existence of such teams, our roads on which huge amounts of monies are spend on are maintained and with that our roads take us very long times. Unfortunately it seems the country do not have such a team or anything similar to it or its functions.

Take a look at most of our roads to be specific, let’s take the stretch branching off the Pipe line mosque going towards the Independence Stadium. This road has its sides being slowly eaten up and keeping the road more and more narrow.

Another road also is suffering from the same problem, and this is the road from the Police Intervention Unit on the “mamadimaniyang” road going towards the MDI, like the previous one mentioned it is also suffering from lack of maintenance. The road is being eaten up by erosion and other effects and yet there is no sign of attention given to it. This road attracts a lot of heavy road users plying on it every day.

Another similar road in the same condition is no other than the   Bakau /Camalo road network, like the other two mentioned is also left out to end up all disappearing. These are only few among a lot of roads that are left out to deteriorate, all because either there is no road maintenance team or something similar to it.

If roads are not regularly maintained they cannot reach the expected (life time)  longevity expected, and thus monies spend on their construction will not serve the values. Lest we forget most of monies spend on their construction are loans. This means even before we pay for the cost the roads are already gone.

The paper knows that we have what is called the National Road Authority (NRA), and some of their mandate is to build and repair roads. Sometimes we see their timely interventions when roads broke especially main trunks. However what we are not sure of is whether they are responsible for road maintenance. If they are then Gambian need explanation as to why many of our roads are left out to be eaten up by road users without attention.

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