Tuesday, January 19, 2021


The member for Niamina West late Hon Demba Sowe of the Gambia Democratic Party (GDC) died some six months ago and up to date the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) did not call for a bye-election in that particular constituency.

The people of Namina West are being denied to be represented at the National Assembly all these months, which is a violation of their constitutional rights. The Gambia is divided into 55 constituencies and each is represented by an elected person; why not the people of Niamina West.

The Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) should be bold enough to come up with valid justification or justifications as to why there is still no bye-elections to find ajnj representative for the people of Niamina West.

The vacant elective positions are on the increase in the country and still the IEC is not in the public eye not making any effort to fill those vacancies. There exist a vacancy in the Kerewan Area Council some months ago and yet these vacancies are yet to be filled. What is the IEC doing to address those vacancies?

Recently there has been another development at the Brikama Area Council (BAC) where certain members of the Council are expelled from their political parties on whose tickets they won and going by the 2015 Local Government Act, once such people are expelled, they lose their positions.

Again the onus lies on the IEC to address the above issues, and the right thing to do, is to go by the rules of the land. Going by the old adage, justice delay is justice denied; why can’t the IEC just take the bull by the horn and call for elections in the respective elective vacancies.

The Independent Electoral Commission must know that by virtue of not conducting bye-elections at the Niamina West Constituency after the demise of their representative is just not fair with the tax payers in that particular Constituency.

It will beat the imagination of true democrats that COVID-19 is the cause of not conducting these bye-elections in the vacancies that are created either by nature or man, there are countries who have conducted presidential elections as well as parliamentary elections. No it can’t be that.

As you read this piece of editorial the IEC have already published the election calendar; but why not the bye-elections???



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