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Why Perai (9) Still in Remand at Janjanbureh Prison

Nine (9) villagers from Peria Village in the Tumana district are languishing at the Janjanbureh prison for nearly three months now without going to court. What kind of justice is this? Why would a system send nine  responsible citizens for that matter based on allegations and leave them in remand for almost three months without appearing before a court for all these period?

Justice delay is justice denied Mr. Justice Minister and Chief Justice by extension as the two positions are very key as far as dispensation of justice is concerned. All efforts are demanded for the nine to face court as soonest as possible if only we want justice to prevail in our dear mother land.

What should be clear to all and sundry is that the nine Perai villagers who are languishing in jail at Janjabureh are only accused persons and they should be treated  or presumed innocent until found guilty by a competent court.

They also have their rights to be respected by the State. Why do you have put accused persons in a remand wing at the prison for more than two months without them going before court? That period is too long to keep an accused persons without taking them before a court system; and yet they are refused bail as if the alleged offense in an unbailable one.

This is gross injustice on the side of the government and that every effort must be taken to make sure the Peria 9 go before a competent court or let them be granted bail until when the state is ready to proceed with the court.

It could be recalled that the Villagers of Perai and their neighbours Walliba Kunda have some land disputes that was lingering for more than a decade with government not taking full responsibility to solve it until things turn worst this year. These two villages have lived side by side for more than 200 years or there about; and the neighbourhood was always very cordial until it went sour recently.

In 2011 the two villages clashed physically over the said piece of land that laid between them and that clash resulted to infliction of injuries on several people from the side of Perai. The indifferences went on all these years until, this year gain, when there was another clash  and now it was the people of Walliba who sustained injuries and some other persons from Perai.

The story is 9 people from Perai are now remanded at Janjabureh , but the issue is justice is being delayed .

Mr. Justice Minister and Chief Justice your attention is called to the unnecessary delay of the court proceeding as the 9 people languished in jail.

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