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Home Editorial Why wait weeks to Put off fire on one’s house?

Why wait weeks to Put off fire on one’s house?

When one’s house is on fire it makes no sense for a person to wait for weeks in order to put off a fire that caught one’s house. Such delay will make it possible for more properties be destroyed and even lives will go and the damage will continue to increase, so in the same vein it is not a wise decision for any responsible government to delay mitigation measures for an outbreak of a disease like Covid-19.
The Gambia government last week came up with a press release emanating from the office of the Government Spokes Person; saying due to the second wave of COVID-19, and the fact that more cases are coming up, government will with effect from the 8th of March 2021 come up more restrictions.
Does such a decision make any sense for a responsible government to delay measures of mitigating such a devastating disease? The COVID-19 pandemic did have more damages than any order pandemic that memory can recall.
According to the 268th national situation report since the confirmation of the first case of the Coronavirus on 16th March 2020 , one new COVID related death was recorded bringing the number of deaths since March 2020 to 147 people.
The reports indicates that 24 new cases were registered, bringing the total number of COVID-19 cases ever confirmed in the country to 4,640. The reports have it that the country currently has 34 people in hotel quarantine, 423 active cases and a crude case-fatality ratio of 3.1%.
With the above statistics, one cannot but agree that COVID-19 is real and killing not only killing but affecting very badly our economy. Records are clear that we have lost 147 lives, and a total of 4,640 people contacted the virus, this is a huge number due to our population.
What a responsible government would have done is to immediately work on the modalities for the mitigation and not say we will come up with restrictions weeks later to be precise 8th of March 2021.
As the days go by, more people might probably catch up the disease, or even loss of lives. Gambia government must be serious and come up immediately mitigation; what that will be is left to them. It can come by with lesser restrictions of people’s movements, social activities and political activities or any other mass gatherings. The government must also make access to washing hands facilities and face masks as soon as possible.

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