Thursday, November 26, 2020


By Almamo Kamaso

The National Assembly demands that President be summoned to the National Assembly in connections to the declarations of a State of Public Emergency by the executive   without paying much attention to the laws that govern us.

It is the position of the Nominated Hon   Ya-kumba Jaiteh that if the President comes to the National Assembly and cannot defend his position, that will call for an impeachment and she will call for the impeachment of President Barrow.  She argued that the executive, sometimes ago came to this Assembly asking for an extension, and quickly withdrew without notice, wasting the whole time of the Assembly.

Her intervention came when Hon member for Serekunda Hon Halifa Sallah read a public statement of public interest on the declarations of State of Public Emergency and a motion to call for explanation from the Office of the President.

In his statement Hon Sallah said he is convinced that it would be a dereliction of duty if the National Assembly fails to summon the office of the President   to explain why the motion for an extension of a State of Public Emergency was withdrawn and a press release issued on the declaration of a State of emergency whiles the National Assembly is still in session.

He concludes that  he moved the National Assembly summons the president to come and answer three fundamental questions , a) why the motion for an extension of a state of public emergency for a period  of 45 days with effect from Wednesday , 1st July 2020 , as per the Order paper  of the 30th June 2020, was withdrawn.

  1. b) The member asked if the State of Public Emergency been declared since the National Assembly Commence session? If so when was it declared and under what authority. C) The honourable member asked what Emergency powers Regulations are currently in force and under wat authority. Finally Serekunda Law maker is interested to know how the executive computes time to determine the expiry date each of the declarations of the State of Public Emergency since 18th March 2020.

The provision of answers to the above questions would provide sufficient evidence for the National Assembly to determine whether the executive is acting in line with the letter and sprite of the Constitution it has taken oath to respect , uphold and enforced or not.

Taking the floor after the statement was delivered, of Banjul South Hon Fatoumatta Njie said we need to respect the laws; where the executive fails, Section 67 (wilful Violation of the Constitution)   of the Constitution should be applied. Hon Njie said the last declaration of the 7 days State of Public Emergency was not gazetted as she has confirmed it for herself. This she said is a violation of the Constitution and lack of gazetting the declaration makes it illegal.

Hon Sulayman Saho called on the president to have regards for our laws, Saho lend a support to Hon Sallah to have the executive come to the Assembly and answer some burning questions. “We cannot allow the president to do whatever they want to do without due regards to the laws of the land”









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