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Works Minister Optimistic of a Bridge over Atlantic

By Almamo Kamaso
During the parliamentary question time Wednesday March 24th , the Transport, Works, and Infrastructure Minster Bai Lamin Jobe said he is optimistic of the possibility of linking Banjul to Barra by means of bridging the waters that divide the two. Jobe told members that it is possible as the government has built bridges in the past at many of the crossing point in the country. The Kerewan bridge, Sankulay Kunda bridge and few others crossing points were bridged.
The National Assembly members were informed, by Works minister that the Gambia government is discouraging the purchase of ferries as they are more into building bridges across key crossing points.
Hon Bai Lamin Jobe was responding to a parliamentary question, posed by Hon member for Upper Nuime Hon Omar Darboe, demanding explanation as to why the Gambia Ferry Services requires partnership for its daily routine operations.
Jobe explains that the partnerships are needed, in order to make the Ferry services more efficient and effective. But when he was further subjected to supplementary questions, Minister Jobe told members that such partnership works well for other countries and he believes it will work for us too.
To illustrate more, the honorable Minister said in fact for better and efficient services, Government is thinking of bridging the Banjul/Barra, which he said will cost around seven hundred million to a Billion dollar project. This project is liked by many international partners such as the African Union and the ECOWAS.

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