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YAIM Organizes Partnership, Networking IFTAR

By Fatou Dahaba

As part of efforts in addressing the challenges of reintegration and the root causes of irregular migration, Youth Against Irregular Migration over the weekend organized partnership and networking IFTAR with funding from Football for a New Tomorrow (FANT), a Denise organization.

The objective of the IFTAR was precisely aimed to gather best practices of thoughts and ideas on the challenges and opportunities of closer collaboration between CSOs and LOs in the migration field.
This activity is part of the ‘Backway is not the solution’ project, implemented by YAIM in partnership with FANT, which has the objective of reducing the attractiveness of the back way through sport and bonding activities involving Gambian youth.

Mustapha Sallah National Coordinator of YAIM, said the purpose of the IFTAR is to bring their local partners together to network, interact and learn from their organization directly.

‘This is also aimed to avail our partners the opportunity to familiarize with the activities of YAIM. Our advocacy for Irregular Migration will continue for the greater good of the young people.’
Saikou Tunkara, Communication Officer of YAIM, said they have been organizing IFTAR in the Ramadan for the past five years.

He said the struggles and challenges they went through in Ramadan during their backway journey motivates them to be given out food during Ramadan especially to travellers.
“Those days we pray to meet with people who will give us food in the streets because we have nothing to cater for ourselves.”

Fatou Bojang also gives similar remarks while she thanked their partners for their tireless efforts.
IFTAR is a meal taken by Muslims at sundown to break the daily fast during Ramadan.

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